1. For cold use : Place the wrap in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight. Remove from the plastic bag before use.
2. For hot use: 
    * Place the wrap on a clean, dry plate, levelling out the contents of the wrap to ensure consistent heating.
    * Place the plate with the wrap in the centre of the microwave. Ensure the microwave is clear of any oils or food remnants in order not to damage the wrap.
    * Heat on high for a maximum of 2 minutes. If termperature is not high enough, please heat 30 seconds each time until reach desired temperature. Before placing it on your neck and shoulders make sure the wrap is a comfortable temperature to suit your personal use.

1. Plush polyester fabric. Filled with flaxseeds, wheat, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, rosemary, cinnamon, yarrow, valerian root, yellow dock, hops.

2. Delivers deep, moist heat wherever applied. Perfect for neck pain or shoulder pain relief.

3. Relaxes sore, tense muscles. Weighted design for deep pressure therapy and stress relief.
4. Use as moist heating pad or cold compress. Soothe migraines, menstrual cramps, arthritis, back pain.
5. Enjoy soothing herbal aromatherapy while your muscles are relaxed by the heat.
6. Chill in freezer to use as a plush, reusable ice pack to soothe hot flashes or nausea.


Wrap and its contents may be very hot after microwaving! Please protect yourself and your loved ones by exercising caution and common sense when heating and handling. Do not overheat the wrap! Overheating may damage the wrap. Heat only as directed. DO NOT allow your wrap to come in contact with any oil, grease, or food inside or outside your microwave. Do not drip essential oils on the wrap fabric. If the fabric absorbs even a small amount of oil, the affected spot will heat up to a much greater degree than the rest of the wrap and that will result in fabric burn. ALWAYS put your wrap on a clean, dry plate prior to placing in your microwave. NEVER place wrap directly on the microwave carousel. Your wrap must not brush against the walls or ceiling of your microwave, while spinning during the heating cycle. Your microwave cavity must be large enough to accommodate a plate with your wrap on top of it – the inside depth and width of your microwave must be greater than 9.5 inches and the inside height of your microwave must be greater than 6.5 inches. The carousel must be spinning throughout the heating cycle. Do NOT heat in a microwave, which does not have a spinning carousel. Do NOT heat with the carousel off. Initiate wrap heating in the microwave from room temperature only. Allow your wrap to cool between heating cycles. Do not initiate heating or reheat if the wrap is wet or soiled for any reason. If the wrap gets soiled, spot clean with a wet cloth and allow fabric to dry completely prior to use. Only the outer fabric can be cleaned. Do not submerge the entire wrap in water. Inspect wrap for damage after each heating cycle and prior to use. Do not use if the wrap is damaged. Do not use if you have neuropathy from diabetes or any other cause and have decreased perception of pain or temperature. Do not place the wrap under a blanket or cover; the heat should be able to dissipate. If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know. We love our customers and are always available to help.
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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