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To Manufacture and supply qualified hot cold therapy products to our customers all around the world.

Shanghai Honca Medical Technology Co.,Ltd  mainly specialize in pain-relief products like Gel pack, hot pack, therapearl, hot cold pack, heat pack, ice pack, ice bag, hot cold bag, fabric ice bag, medical ice bag, heat therapy, cold therapy, cold compress, cold gel, gel heat pack, hot pack therapy, medical ice pack, heating pad, therapy ice pack, warm pack, aromatherapy heating pad, microwave hot pack, flaxseed heating pad, therapeutic heating pad, weighted neck and shoulder wrap, herbal moist aromatherapy, soothing herbal Aromatherapy,natural herbal heat wraps, instant heating pad, medical heat pads, ice wrap, ice sleeve, ice pack wrap, ice pack sleeve, Cold Therapy Machine, Cold Therapy System, Cryotherapy Machine, Cold Water Therapy, Cold Rush Therapy Machine System, infrared heat wrap, magnetic therapy products,cast cover, cast protector, plaster cast cover, cast sleeve, splint cover, cast, shower protector.etc.

HONCA MEDICAL is dedicated to
►Demonstrate accountability as a manufacturer and supplier and partner.
►Meeting our customer's needs and expectations by producing competitive products of the highest quality
►Timely response and timely feedback during different production stage.
►We can arrange shipping to your Amazon warehouse or door.
►Best after service for all customers, delivering the goods are not the end of cooperation. we try our best to solve all the problems.
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Building 1 NO.890 qinggao road qingcun town Fengxian area Shanghai China 18701910299 will@honca.cn
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