• Specifically designed to deliver drug-free pain relief after injury or post-surgery, when serious pain relief is required!
  • Patent Pending Programmable Digital Timer Control allows the unit to be set specifically per your health care professional’s recommendation! A Critical Safety Feature! The user can set custom "on” and off” times. Examples include (but are not limited to) setting our system to cycle throughout the night with 20 minutes on and then 40 minutes off, or on for just 30 minutes and then shut off.
  • Whisper quiet, high-efficiency pump circulates cool water throughout the bladder.
  • Convenient on/off switch eliminates the danger of fumbling through the dark to unplug your system
  • The market’s largest cooling reservoirs hold more ice and allow for more time between adding ice. With twice the reservoir size and twice the ice as our biggest competitors, we will get you through the night!
  • The cold therapy bladder is optimized to provide comfortable cold therapy to the desired body part while providing gentle compression. The insulated outer fabric directs maximum cold therapy to the target area.
  • Comfortable and easy to reuse time and time again; simply add ice and water to the cooler! 
  • High flow, dry, quick disconnect couplings allow for freedom of movement if needed.
  • The cooler lid on the unit is hinged and snaps in place, keeping it properly sealed. No mess!


  • The Cold water circulating System can be cold enough to seriously injure the skin.
  • Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. Provide a complete medical history, specifically any reactions to the cold.
  • Certain medical conditions may be more susceptible to cold-related injuries. Ask your practitioner about any potential adverse reactions. Caution: use of cold therapy by children, diabetics, incapacitated patients, and those with poor circulation or special skin conditions should be carefully supervised by a medical professional. 
  • Use only as prescribed by a licensed healthcare practitioner and follow all of his or her instructions regarding the frequency and duration of cold therapy, proper temperature, how and when to check the skin, and length of treatment. 
  • Completely read and follow all included Operation Instructions, Warnings, and Cautions before using the System.
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